Benefits of Online Proctoring / Remote Invigilation

Video Presentation on Online Proctoring / Remote Invigilation

The Benefits of Remote Invigilation/ Online Proctoring

This short video is an extract from a presentation given at the European Association of Test Publishers, and shows Louella Morton, Executive Director at TestReach, giving an overview of remote invigilation (also known as online proctoring, so the terms are interchangeable). The video presentation summarises some of the benefits that are driving the increasing interest in remote (online) proctoring as an exam delivery method.

More on the Benefits of Online Proctoring

There are many benefits of moving invigilation online as an exam delivery method, for both the organisation delivering exams and the exam candidates.

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are the top 5 benefits of online proctoring for both candidates and organisations running exams.

Benefits for Candidates

  • Candidates enjoy greater flexibility about when they can sit their exam. Because the exam provider isn’t confined to one specific exam day, but can offer an “exam window” of a few days in which to sit the exam, they can pick a time that suits them.

  • Candidates have the convenience of choosing where to sit their exam, avoiding having to take time off work to travel to a test centre.

  • Candidates benefit by being able to sit their exam in the comfort of their own home or office. This is more relaxing then being in test centre, and a familiar and quiet environment helps them to concentrate during the exam.

  • There is the added advantage of privacy when sitting your exam. Professional people prefer not to be seen in a busy test centre sitting an exam, but to complete it in the privacy of their own office.

  • Similar to other online exams, candidates can work on a computer as they would in their normal working lives. This avoids an aching hand when trying to write for hours, and allows the use of online tools such as spreadsheets and text editors.

Benefits for Organisations

  • It enables organisations to eliminate the need to arrange in-person invigilators and test centres, which removes a huge administrative burden. This is especially true when trying to run test centres in more remote locations around the world.

  • Exams can be run more frequently - instead of concentrating all the exams onto a few big exam days, exams can be run more often and closer to the period of tuition.

  • Online invigilation enables the organisation to scale worldwide – to run more exams and with a greater geographical reach.

  • There is also the benefit of increased security, as it is very hard to cheat when an unseen invigilator is viewing you constantly via a large video screen, who is checking your ID and your environment, and watching for any infringements. If serious infringements occur, they can remove access to the exam if required. With certain types of online invigilation, the exam is recorded, and if there are any issues that arise, the examining body can review the video at any stage afterwards.

  • The benefit of reducing pressure on exam hall space at key times of the year is very important to universities, so remote invigilation is becoming more popular as a way of running faculty exams.

Drivers of Growth in Demand for Online Proctoring / Remote Invigilation

  • Increasing use of online education drives need for online certification options, so that exams can scale to meet the drive in growth of online courses.

  • Maintaining integrity of an organisation’s exams and to prevent cheating

  • Candidates looking for increasing flexibility in exam options

  • Organisations wish to provide alternative to having to travel to a test centre

  • Reduce pressure on exam hall space at key times of the year

  • Difficulty of sourcing new test centres or exam partners in remote locations

  • Wider variety of questions and answers that can be used in exams

  • Reduction of logistical issues around managing paper exams and secure couriers

  • Easier to manage security around marking, results moderation and storage of completed papers and results

Case Studies on the Benefits of Online Proctoring / Remote Invigilation

Leiden University Logo

Leiden University in the Netherlands have adopted online proctoring for professional biomedical students. You can read about the benefits they enjoyed from using remote invigilation at Leiden University here.

British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Logo

The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy now offer all their exams via remote invigilation and have greatly reduced their administrative burden. Read here about online proctoring for the BACP.

Institute of Directors Logo

The Institute of Directors have moved all examinations for their director members to flexible delivery via remote invigilation. Read about the benefits of online proctoring at the Institute of Directors here.

The Compliance and Skills Academy Logo

The UK construction industry runs accredited courses using online proctored exams, so candidates can sit exams without having to take time off-site. Read the story of The Compliance & Skills Academy here.

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