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Online Assessment For Awarding Bodies Case Study –
The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Discover how the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy moved all their exams online and delivered them via remote invigilation, which extended their reach, significantly reduced resources and time dedicated to exam logistics, and greatly reduced the stress and inconvenience for their candidates.

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How can TestReach benefit Awarding Bodies?

TestReach allows professional Awarding Bodies to move the end-to-end examination process online. From question authoring, delivery, marking, moderation, examination board sign-off and results communications – TestReach provides a secure way to manage the integrity and workflow of the exams and certification process.

  • TestReach specialises in supporting Awarding Bodies change their approach to examinations, increasing reach, reducing costs and removing the logistical challenges of running face-to-face exams.
  • By supporting a range of delivery methods - remote invigilation, online test centre, paper-based test centre, offline assessment - we can help your association to transition your programs and processes at a pace that works for you.
  • Our Test Centre Management module allows for test centre administrators to maintain tight controls over the candidate base before and during their exams and also gives awarding bodies full visibility of all test centre activity.
  • The range of exam types and delivery options available in TestReach make it a very flexible solution to manage end-point-assessments (EPAs) for apprenticeship standards. Utilise tools like uploading video recordings for marking, management of assignments, running auto-scored summative end-of-course exams and automating clear candidate feedback reports. With TestReach you also have the option to turn on remote invigilation for high-stakes exams, to save apprentices having to travel to test centres.
  • Above all, TestReach understands that the integrity of your examinations is paramount and we work with you to ensure that at all times your exam security is strengthened and preserved.
The Nautical Institute Logo

“We required a robust, reliable and repeatable assessment process that we could control from our headquarters and keep centralised records. TestReach was a technically sophisticated solution that provided a very stable platform to use internationally in different time zones. TestReach has become completely essential to our operations because it allows us to run multiple exams at training centres around the world with complete reliability and security.”

-The Nautical Institute
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"We are now able to offer our exams with far more frequency... bearing in mind we offer courses on a weekly basis, this has been a fantastic benefit. The other big positive is that a lot of data about the exam is gathered automatically... that data in itself has triggered a thorough and robust assessment review and is taking us in all the right directions."

-Institute of Directors

“There is a huge reduction in the amount of administration…candidates can now take these exams completely online, so we don’t have to worry about secure transport of the exam papers or the logistics of manually correcting paper-based answers. It really is a big step forward for us. We are excited about the potential that TestReach provides.”

-Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals

Why your students will prefer TestReach

Flexibility and Convenience

Having to physically attend an examination centre at a specific date and time is very onerous, involving taking time out from work and travel costs. TestReach remote invigilation delivery enables candidates to select an examination date and time that suits their schedule and they can then take the test from the comfort of their own office or home, whilst connected to our trained supervisors by audio, video and remote screen-share. If they are using TestReach online at a test centre, candidates find the user interface easy-to-use and prefer this to working with pen & paper.

Easy to Use

Every aspect of TestReach is easy to use and navigate for even the least tech-savvy candidates. Our supervisors are trained to cordially deal with candidates and ensure they have a positive experience during their exam. Our customers very much appreciate the high-calibre service we offer and the personable qualities of our supervisors, which helps put even the more nervous candidates at ease.

Shorter Lead Time to Sitting the Exam and Receiving the Results

Many Awarding Bodies take a "big-bang" approach to exams, where candidates complete the training, but have to wait a significant amount of time before the associated exam takes place. This can lead to an increased revision workload, a higher level of drop-outs and can also be unfair to some candidates depending on when they took their training course. With TestReach you can transition to a more modular approach, with exams being offered shortly after the associated training. With online assessment and automated workflows for marking and moderation, results can also be issued in a much shorter timeframe.

Engaging Assessments

With over 50 question & answer types, interactive canvases and online resources, the exam is varied and engaging for your candidates. The majority of candidates also prefer typing to pen and paper, as it allows for more easy editing of answers before submission. Working with spreadsheets and online text editors is also more in line with common business practice. Have a look at our extensive range of online assessment tools here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How costly is it to use TestReach?

Unlike other software vendors, we don’t an annual site license fee for our software - we have a simple pay-per-test pricing model so you only pay for what you need. Whether it’s one small cohort of candidates or your entire membership base, you can easily try out TestReach for any number of tests.

Q. Can TestReach integrate with my current systems?

Our technical team can integrate TestReach with any of the existing systems you have, AMS, CRM, web registration system etc. When you register a candidate for a course or for one or more exams, details can automatically flow into TestReach and you don’t have to re-key data, which greatly reduces the administration overhead. We can also pass certification information back to a system of record, so you have all details regarding candidate certification in one place.

Q. How long does it take to roll-out TestReach?

Depending on the project you select, you can get up and running within a few weeks. For high-stake exams, we can support you to ensure your communications and processes are streamlined and intuitive for candidates, authors, markers and examination boards.

Q. Can TestReach be used for Third Party Candidate Management?

If you work with training partners, business customers or affiliate organisations, who provide multiple candidates that take your exams, then there are a range of features within TestReach that specifically support this structure. You can allow each of these organisations restricted access to their own portal, where they can enrol and edit their own candidate details and view their own dashboards, plus you can also allocate each organisation a specific amount of test licenses. This decentralisation of administration significantly reduces the overheads of managing exams in a tiered model.

Q. How can you be sure candidates will not cheat?

If you are using remote invigilation, our trained supervisors monitor candidates using video, audio and remote screen-share. At the start of the session the supervisor goes through a comprehensive process to secure the candidate’s test environment and validate the identity of the candidate. Exam conditions are very secure, as candidates are monitored a lot more closely and the ratio of candidates to supervisors is much lower than in a test centre environment, plus all activity is recorded for later review.

Q. What do I have to do to start running remotely invigilated tests?

Remotely invigilated exams are very straightforward to roll out. You set up your tests and enrol your candidates (this may be an automated process through integration), then TestReach looks after the rest. Automatic notifications are sent to candidates, supervisor sessions are scheduled, our supervisors monitor the tests at the scheduled time and you can keep track of everything as it happens with our real-time dashboards. It is a simple and easy process.

Q. Are accredited exams being run on TestReach?

TestReach is working with organisations running remotely invigilated exams for qualifications that are accredited by organisations such as Ofqual and the SQA.

Q. How secure is the data?

TestReach is ISO 27001 certified and works with educational institutions, professional bodies and corporations in highly regulated industries who require a top level of security from their technology suppliers. Our SaaS solution complies with ISO, SAS, SSAE and ISAE standards and rigorous data-protection laws. All data is held within the EU and so is subject to EU data protection and processing laws. There is a comprehensive security model that ensures only those with sufficient security permissions can access appropriate functionality. All data is encrypted using 128-bit encryption and SSL.

Q. How do I access my reports after an exam?

Each customer portal has exam dashboards that are updated in real-time, so you can quickly and easily find out all the information you need to comprehensively manage your online tests. This includes details relating to pass rates, candidates results and statistical information on the effectiveness of your questions and exams.

Q. Can the system supply candidate certificates?

TestReach can automatically generate pdf certificates with your own graphics for those who successfully pass any test created within TestReach.

Q. Can we have our own branding and colours?

You will have your own secure branded portal that can be configured to meet your specific needs. Each candidate logging into your portal will see your logo and colour schemes and any latest news that you have set up.

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