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Information for Candidates

Secure technologies are making it possible to do many more things on the internet. We can now carry out even the most sensitive transactions such as bank transfers and tax returns in a safe and protected online environment. Advancement in secure technologies means that high-stake exams are now also moving online. Not only can you answer questions on a computer as opposed to using pen and paper, but you can also be supervised taking your exam by an invigilator over the internet, who is connected to you by camera, audio and remote screen-share. This process is known as remote invigilation or online proctoring. Gone are the days when you need to take time out and travel to an exam hall, with the invigilator physically present watching you do your test, as with remote invigilation you can sit the exam at any location. This not only provides a huge degree of flexibility and convenience, but also eliminates travel costs.

If you are taking an exam with TestReach, your examining body will specify what type of test you are taking - it may be just an online exam, a test centre based exam or a remotely invigilated exam.

Online Exam

An online exam is any exam which is taken on a computer using the TestReach application. Your examining body will also advise you where your online exam will take place. Instead of writing answers using pen and paper, or in the case of multiple choice - using bubble sheets, everything is done electronically on a computer, so depending on the questions types used by your examining body you might be selecting the answer by clicking your mouse or using spreadsheets and text editors, where everything can be easily edited.

Remotely Invigilated Exam

With remote invigilation, you take your exam on a computer using the TestReach application and you are supervised over the internet by a TestReach invigilator. You have the flexibility to take your exam at a suitable location of your choice and at exam time you connect to a trained invigilator who will guide you through the authentication and validation procedures. Once complete, they will then give you access to the exam and will monitor you for the duration of the test using your webcam, microphone and screen-share. Everything will also be recorded and may be reviewed by your examining body.

What to expect when you’re doing an online exam with TestReach

When your examining body registers you with TestReach as an exam candidate, you will receive an email from TestReach with a user name, password and any specific instructions for the exam, inviting you to login to the system. You may also receive an SMS alert on your phone once your account is created – this depends on the preferences selected by your examining body. In advance of your exam start time, you may have access to a practice tutorial and videos so that you can familiarise yourself with the TestReach application. The system is very easy and intuitive to use even if you do not have much experience using computers.

At exam time when you log into the system, any exams in which you are enrolled will appear on your dashboard and you just follow the instructions on the screen that will guide you through the process to start your exam.

What to expect when you’re doing a remotely invigilated exam with TestReach

If you are registered to take a remotely invigilated exam on TestReach, the initial process of receiving an email, logging in and having access to resources to help you become familiar with the application, is similar to that outlined above for an online exam. In addition, you will be guided through a procedure to download and install the TestReach desktop application and carry out a short system check, which ensures your computer is all set for exam day. You do not need any special equipment for a remotely invigilated exam, a standard desktop or laptop with a webcam, a microphone and good quality internet connectivity (not dial-up) will suffice.

All of the key requirements are checked during the system check process and in the unlikely event of any issues, these will be brought to your attention and can be resolved well in advance of exam day. TestReach technical support is also available to assist if required.

Minimum system requirements for remotely invigilated exams are

  • Computer with 4GB of ram (No Chromebooks, Tablets or Phones)
  • A Windows v7.0+ or MacOS 10.10+ operating system (MacOS BigSur users need to upgrade to 11.3+)
  • Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and 4GB RAM
  • A working webcam that can be used to scan the room, microphone, and speakers
  • Minimum candidate internet speed of 2 Mbp
  • Recommended candidate internet speed of 2.4 Mbps

We also recommend a screen size of at least 13" and a resolution of 1024 x 768.

As part of the set-up, you will also be guided through a process to confirm your exam time, which may include selecting a suitable date and time if your examining body allows you a window in which to sit your exam.

Taking a remotely invigilated exam on TestReach is very straightforward, so you do not need to worry. You are guided through each step and our technical support staff and supervisors are always on hand to provide help when needed.

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