Institute of Directors Win ‘Best Institute’ at the E-assessment Awards

Eassessment Association awarding the “Best Institute” e-assessment award to the Institute of Directors

Press Release - Dublin, Ireland, 23rd March 2017

TestReach, makers of a complete online assessment solution that includes test authoring capability and remote invigilation, today announced that their client, the Institute of Directors in London, has been named the winner of “Best Institute” in the first annual E-Assessment Awards. This e-assessment award honours those organisations who are blazing a trail in changing the way that examinations are run. Used globally by many Professional Bodies and Chartered Associations, TestReach helps organisations offer an advanced and flexible way for members to sit certification exams.

“We’re delighted to be recognized among the pioneers in the field of e-assessment. Working with the team at TestReach, we have transformed the way that the Institute runs their certification programmes,” said Teresa Jacobs, Head of Professional Standards and Assessment at the Institute of Directors. “Instead of travelling to an exam hall and taking an exam with pen and paper, our members can now take their exam in the comfort of their own office or home, while maintaining the integrity of the assessment through supervision over the Web by a trained invigilator at TestReach in Dublin.”

Research shows that despite developments in the world of e-learning, the majority of exams still require an exam hall to be booked and exam papers to be printed, with all the logistical headaches of moving around papers securely. Companies are now driving technological advances in how examinations can be run online while still ensuring there is no cheating. This is done through a complex system of authentication and monitoring technologies.

“During an exam, a candidate can now be connected to a trained supervisor over the web, who monitors them through video, audio and remote screenshare. Everything is recorded for later review if required, and invigilators can flag to a candidate if they are behaving in a way that does not comply with exam rules,” said Sheena Bailey, CEO at TestReach. “New technologies are making it possible to run secure exams anywhere in the world, at any time, for any number of candidates.”

Award winners were selected by the E-Assessment Judging panel, which is comprised of forward-thinking leaders in e-learning and e-assessment industries. To become a finalist, companies must show achievement in innovation, talent development and social responsibility. Winners were announced at the E-Assessment Awards Gala in London, 22nd March, 2017.

To read more about how TestReach has worked with the Institute of Directors to transform exam delivery for their members, visit this page: Institute of Directors Customer Story.