Offline Assessment Portal™ Now Launched
TestReach Press Release

Press Release - Dublin, Ireland (13th November, 2017)

TestReach, providers of a complete online assessment solution that includes test authoring, exam delivery, marking, reporting and remote invigilation, today announced the launch of their new Offline Assessment Portal™. This is the latest addition to the range of exam delivery methods available through the TestReach solution and will be of significant interest to awarding bodies who run international qualifications. The Offline Assessment Portal™ allows organisations to offer a full suite of computer-based exam options to candidates and test centres in any location worldwide, with or without internet connectivity.

“We’re delighted to be continually expanding the features available to our customers,” said Sheena Bailey, CEO of TestReach. “Our solution provides the most modern and intuitive interface available for creating and running any computer-based test or exam, and the addition of the Offline Assessment Portal™ is evidence of our commitment to exploring new cutting-edge technologies.”

Research shows that despite developments in the world of e-learning, the majority of exams still involve the logistical headaches of booking exam halls and printing and delivering exam papers securely. Sometimes organisations are concerned about moving to online assessment because they have test centres in remote locations across the globe with poor internet connectivity. Companies like TestReach are driving technological advances in how exams can be securely downloaded and run offline, on a local computer network, with answer data then being securely uploaded after the exam completes.

“Our Offline Assessment Portal™ gives awarding bodies another option in how they run computer-based exams worldwide,” said Bailey. “This system enables test centres to securely download the online test environment, relevant exams and candidate information in advance. Candidates can then sit the exam at any computer on the same network as the Offline Assessment Portal™, without the need for internet access. On completion of the exam session, the test centre can securely upload the candidate responses to TestReach.”

“It is exciting to see how new technologies are making it possible to run secure exams anywhere in the world, at any time, for any number of candidates,” said Louella Morton, Executive Director at TestReach. “Whether it’s online exams at test centres, offline computer-based exams or full remote invigilation where our trained supervisors monitor candidates over the web for the duration of their exam, there is great flexibility for organisations who want to modernise their assessment processes.”